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Mr Bear Perth 2019 Weekend Tickets Thu, Feb 7th 2019, 18:09

Our Mr Bear Perth 2019 weekend featuring our UnderBear Party (29/03) and the Mr, Bear Perth 2019 Competition (30/03). Advance tickets for each event, or a combined discounted entry.  

Mr Bear Perth 2019 Competition Thu, Jan 17th 2019, 17:40

Our annual competition to find our Mr Bear Perth, an outstanding bear to represent us, and go on compete in Mr. Australasia Bear in Melbourne. An excellent evening starting at 7pm at our awesome hosts, Connections Nightclub. $10 for members/non-members 

Bears Perth Summer Open to All Night Wed, Jan 16th 2019, 05:30

An open and fully inclusive Den Night, all welcome from the LGBTIQ rainbow family, so Bears invite your female friends, your straight allies and those anywhere on the rainbow spectrum. Loton part at 9pm. 

Bears Perth UnderBear Party 2019 Tue, Jan 15th 2019, 19:48

Our infamous Underbear party for 2019 at Loton Park, starting at 8pm until 1am. Wear you best. Your best warm up for Mr Bear Perth Competition the next night and a chance to meet the 2019 contestants! 

Bears Perth Hunk Party Den Night Tue, Jan 15th 2019, 19:42

A special Den Night for all our sexy hunky guys, dress in what makes you feel a hunk. Starting at 8pm at Loton Park. Free for Members / $10 Non-members 

Rottnest Sunday Social for Bears Tue, Jan 15th 2019, 18:07

A day trip out to Rottnest Island departing at 8.30am. A day of cycling, snorkelling, sunbathing and then to Rottnest Hotel for food and drinks. Ferry back is at 4.30pm (optional). Please see details of Event (here or Facebook) as you are responsible for booking your own tickets etc. 

Underbear 2018 Wed, Jan 24th 2018, 13:14

Bears Perth are proudly hosting there UnderBear 2017 at Loton park

Some bring down your most outrages underwear and proudly spend the night with hot group guys in there underwear.
Underwear only, are compulsory for the night, no entry otherwise.
There will be changing area on arrival.
The deck will be covered in for the occasion, so private event.

$15 door charge for non Member and $10 for Members


Den Night Wed, Jan 24th 2018, 13:09

Hey Bears
Come join us at Loton park for beer and some food.