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Underwear Party - Feb 1015 Thu, Jan 29th 2015, 11:32

Come and enjoy a warm summer's evening @ the Bears Perth Annual Underbear Party.
Contestants for the Mr West Oz Bear can also register on the night and will be flaunting their wares for you all to enjoy.

Chase the Bear Jackpot
Great Raffle Prizes 

Bears Perth UnderBear Party 2019 Tue, Jan 15th 2019, 19:48

Our infamous Underbear party for 2019 at Loton Park, starting at 8pm until 1am. Wear you best. Your best warm up for Mr Bear Perth Competition the next night and a chance to meet the 2019 contestants! 

Mr Bear Perth 2019 Weekend Tickets Thu, Feb 7th 2019, 18:09

Our Mr Bear Perth 2019 weekend featuring our UnderBear Party (29/03) and the Mr, Bear Perth 2019 Competition (30/03). Advance tickets for each event, or a combined discounted entry.